Brief History Of Hawking



The Theory of Everything takes us to University of Cambridge in the 1960s, when brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) was just another graduate student. It follows Hawking as he falls in love with classmate Jane (Felicity Jones) and details their relationship throughout the years as he struggles with ALS but still manages to write his best-selling book A Brief History of Time with Jane’s support. We think the film looks like a sweet, epic love story — which took on a different tone when we learned that Hawking eventually cheated on Jane and they’re now divorced. The Theory of Everything opens Nov. 21 at Kahala Theatre. >>

NICOLE: I listened to this pod-cast about Stephen Hawking, and it was about how his first wife (Jane) pulled him out of depression and then he cheats on her.

NICOLE: No, they got divorced. And then I think he married his nurse, and then I forgot what happened, but I think she tried to kill him?

I don’t remember though.

I just remember that he cheated on his first wife who helped him get through the tough times.

JAIMIE: I would have killed him.

CHRISTINA: I wonder if they show that in the movie.

JAIMIE: It doesn’t look like it.

NICOLE: She has to take care of him because he can’t do stuff for himself.

CHRISTINA: And then he cheats on her?! What the hell?

NICOLE: Right? I would kill him.

JAIMIE: I would kill him. It’s not like he had the flu and I helped him drink Gatorade.

PAIGE: This trailer was so inspirational I think my teeth hurt. The cavities are already setting in.

PAIGE: When they bring in the uplifting piano music, you know what it’s going to be like, “Oh, just look at him overcoming his obstacles.”

JAMES: It’s called a prodigy soundtrack.

JAIMIE: You really have to have nerve to be in that situation and then cheat on your wife who is doing everything for you.

PAIGE: Wait, does he cheat on her when he can’t move? How is that going to work?

NICOLE: It actually shouldn’t matter. He shouldn’t be cheating even if nothing is wrong with him.

JAIMIE: I didn’t like that guy Eddie Redmayne in Les Mes. He was really annoying in that movie.

NICOLE: I think he is perfect for this though.

JAIMIE: I wanted to see it until you told me about his extramarital affairs.

CHRISTINA: Now I want to see it even more.

JAIMIE: It looks like they don’t portray that because it’s the same wife.

CHRISTINA: Yeah, but that part where everybody is clapping for him in the auditorium and she is just sitting there in the back … It looks like there was maybe some sort of rift between them.

NICOLE: (pulls up a bio on Hawking) It says, “because Jane refused to take him off life support in 1985, Hawking was able to finish writing his best-selling book A Brief History of Time.” So she not only took care of him, but she helped his career.

It says, “Hawking went on to marry one of his former nurses in 1995 and then they divorced in 2006.”

JAMIE: The thing about Stephen Hawking is that as genius as he is, he also gets a lot of crap from people. Have you seen that Epic Rap Battle? It’s him versus Einstein.